Hyundai Tucson: Rear Parking Assist System / Rear Parking Assist System Control Unit Description and Operation

Hyundai Tucson (LM) 2010-2015 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Rear Parking Assist System / Rear Parking Assist System Control Unit Description and Operation

When reversing, the driver is not easy to find objects in the blind spots and to determine the distance from the object. In order to provide the driver safety and convenience, back warning system will operate upon shifting to "R" Ultrasonic sensor will emit ultrasonic wave rearward and detect the reflected wave.
Control unit (BCM) will calculate distance to the object using the sensor signal input and output buzzer alarm in three steps (first, second and third alarm).

Block Diagram

System Operation
Initial Mode
RPAS reset time is 500ms after R signal input.
RPAS set up the sensor's ID and recognize LID(LID1, LID2, LID3) values while initial reset process.
When BCM complete the initial reset process, RPAS check diagnosis trouble test of each sensor.
When diagnosis trouble test completed and sensors does not send a failure code, RPAS starts the `RPAS start buzzer'.
If failure information is received from the sensor, system start 'failure buzzer' instead of 'RPAS starts buzzer'.
If display system is equiped, failure information is indicated on display.
Failure buzzer is ON only one time. But failure information continue to indicate on display until the sensor is repaired.

Normal Mode
After IGN1 ON and R signal, RPAS starts LIN communications and maintains the routine continuously.
In order to check the error of system initially, BCM once calling to do each sensor, 4 sensors answer back at once.
If there is no error signal, buzzer will start sound 0.5s later after R signal input during 0.3s.
After initial process, the general routine start 0.2s later after buzzer output completed .
Alarm divides in the 1,2 and 3. The 1,2 alarms are control sounds and 3 alarm is continuous sound.
In case of cluster display, information of each sensor transmits from BCM to cluster. The communication for a transmission uses CAN and gateway time is within 50ms.
RPAS operation range is 10Km/h or less for the vehicle speed.
Sensor Detection Range
Horizontal Range

Vertical Range

Alarm Method
When objects are inspected with RPAS sensor, auditory system leads and makes give an alarm.
RPAS sensor send the alarm data to BCM via LIN communications. And BCM alarm to auditory system according to the alarm data which receives from RPAS each sensor.
In case of BCM sends an auditory alarm, the alarm order follows priority of location.
In case of delivery an alarm data to cluster, BCM does only gateway role.
System Action Specification
When power is ON to system (IGN ON and reverse gear signal ON), MICOM inspects each sensor channel. And if there is no errort, buzzer is ON for 0.3s after 0.5s.
If one of sensor is not normal condition, the initial alarm sound does not ON and corresponding buzzer sensor output sound.
Normal mode operation is as below.

Sensor interval distance dividing alarm output specification
The condition logic is as below according to phase logic in priority. (In same sensor)

RPAS operation ranges according to distans are as below.
First alarm (81CM ~ 120CM)

Secondary alarm (41CM ~ 80CM)

Third alarm (40CM or less)

Failure alarm cycle
In case of system failure, then it indicates the failed point as follows.(each sensor for 3 times)

Time tolerance of the above waveform : Time ± 10%
At nearer distance than 30cm, detection may not occur.
Alarm will be generated with vehicle reversing speed 10km/h or less.
For moving target, maximum operation speed shall be target approach speed of 10km/h.
When the vehicle or the target is moving, sequential alarm generation or effective alarm may be failed.
False alarm, or failure of the alarm to trigger may occur in the following conditions.
Irregular road surface, gravel road, reversing toward grass.
Horn, motor cycle engine noise, large vehicle air brake, or other object generating ultrasonic wave is near.
When a wireless transmitter is used near to the sensor.
Dirt on the sensor.
Sequential alarm may not occur due to the reversing speed or the target shape.
Rear Parking Assist System Control Unit Components and Components Location
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Ultrasonic Sensor Components and Components Location
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