Hyundai Tucson: Braking System / Auto Hold

Auto Hold maintains the vehicle in a standstill even though the brake pedal is not depressed after the driver brings the vehicle to a complete stop by depressing the brake pedal.


When the vehicle is restarted, the last setting for Auto Hold is applied.

To apply:

Type A

Type B

1. With the driver’s door, hood, and liftgate (vehicles equipped with shift button) closed, press the AUTO HOLD switch. The white AUTO HOLD indicator comes on and the system is in standby.

2. When you stop the vehicle completely by depressing the brake pedal, Auto Hold maintains the brake pressure to hold the vehicle stationary. The indicator changes from white to green.

The vehicle remains stationary even if you release the brake pedal.

To release:

If you depress the accelerator pedal with the gear in D (Drive) or manual shift mode or R (Reverse) (vehicle equipped with shift button), the Auto Hold is released automatically and the vehicle starts to move. The AUTO HOLD indicator changes from green to white.


Always look around your vehicle before depressing the accelerator pedal to release Auto Hold.

To cancel:

1. Depress and hold the brake pedal.

2. Press the AUTO HOLD switch.

The AUTO HOLD indicator turns off.


To prevent unintended vehicle movement, always depress your foot on the brake pedal to cancel the Auto Hold before you:


The Parking Brake warning light comes on, the AUTO HOLD indicator changes from green to white, and a warning sounds and a message appears to inform you that EPB has been automatically engaged. Before driving, depress the brake pedal, check the surrounding area, and release the parking brake manually with the EPB switch.


If the AUTO HOLD indicator changes to yellow, or the driver's door, hood, or liftgate open detection system malfunctions, Auto Hold does not work properly. Contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

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