Hyundai Tucson: Battery / Battery Recharging

By battery charger

Your vehicle has a maintenance-free, calcium-based battery.


To prevent the risk of serious injury or death from explosions or acid burns:


AGM battery (if equipped)

Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) batteries are maintenance-free and should be serviced by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. Only charge using fully automatic battery chargers that are specifically for AGM batteries.


Do not open or remove the cap on top of the battery. This may cause leaks of internal electrolyte that could result in severe injury.

By jump starting

After a jump start from a good battery, drive the vehicle for 20-30 minutes before it is shut off. The vehicle may not restart if you shut it off before the battery had a chance to adequately recharge. Refer to the “Jump Starting” section in Chapter 8 for more information on jump starting procedures.


An inappropriately disposed battery may be harmful to the environment and human health. Dispose of the battery according to your local law(s) or regulations.

Battery Capacity Label
1. MF68L-DIN: The HYUNDAI model name of battery 2. 12V: The nominal voltage 3. 68Ah (20HR): The nominal capacity (in Ampere hours) 4. RC 110min: The nominal capacity (in Ampere hours) 5. 6 ...

Reset Items
The following items may need to be reset after the battery has been discharged or disconnected: Auto up/down window (refer to Chapter 5) Sunroof (refer to Chapter 5) Trip computer (refe ...

Other information:

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