Hyundai Tucson: Driver Assistance System / Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

Blind-Spot Collision Warning uses the rear corner radar to help detect approaching vehicles in the driver’s blind spot areas and warn you of a possible collision with a warning message and audible warning.

Blind-Spot Collision Warning helps detect and warns you that a vehicle is in the blind spot area.


The detection range may differ depending on the speed of your vehicle. Vehicles in the blind spot area may not be detected by Blind-Spot Collision Warning when you pass other vehicles at high speeds.

Blind-Spot Collision Warning helps detect and warns you that a vehicle is approaching at high speed from the blind spot area.

The warning timing may differ depending on the speed of the vehicle approaching you at high speed.


Refer to the "Driver Assistance Sensors" section in this chapter for the location and the general precautions of rear corner radar.

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