Hyundai Tucson: Smart Liftgate / Deactivating Smart Liftgate

If you press any button on the smart key during the Detect and Alert stage, the smart liftgate is deactivated.


The smart liftgate may not operate properly if any of the following occur:

- The smart key is close to a radio transmitter such as radio station or airport that may interfere with normal operation of the transmitter.
- The smart key is near a mobile two way radio system or a mobile phone.
- Another vehicle’s smart key is being operated close to your vehicle.

Smart liftgate detecting area may change when:

- The vehicle is parked on an incline or slope.
- One side of the vehicle is lifted or lowered relative to the opposite side.

Using Smart Liftgate
The hands-free smart liftgate system can be used when: The smart liftgate option is enabled in the Settings menu in the instrument cluster or infotainment system. The smart liftgate is a ...

Fuel Filler Door

Other information:

Hyundai Tucson (LM) 2010-2015 Owners Manual: Standard programming
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Hyundai Tucson (LM) 2010-2015 Service Manual: External Amplifier Repair procedures
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