Hyundai Tucson: Interior Lights / Front Lights

Map lamp 1 ():

Touch either button to turn on or off the map lamp. This light produces a spot beam for convenient use as a map lamp at night or as a personal lamp for the driver and the front passenger.

Door lamp 2 ():

The front or rear room lamps come on when the front or rear doors are opened. When doors are unlocked by the remote key or smart key, the front and rear lamps come on for about 30 seconds as long as any door is not opened. The front and rear room lamps go out gradually after about 30 seconds when the door is closed. However, if the ignition switch is in the ON position or all doors are locked, the front and rear lamps turn off. If a door is opened with the ignition switch in the ACC or OFF position, the front and rear lamps stay on for about 20 minutes.

Room lamp 3 ():

Press the button to turn on the room lamp for the front and rear seats.

Interior Lights
WARNING Do not use the interior lights when driving in the dark. The interior lights may obscure your view and result in a collision. Do not use the interior lights for extended periods when ...

Rear Room Lamps
Type A Type B Press this button to turn the room lamps on or off. ...

Other information:

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