Hyundai Tucson: Trailer Towing / If You Decide to Pull a Trailer

Towing load limits

Your vehicle can tow a trailer if you carefully observe the towing load limits, use proper equipment, and follow the towing guidelines. Check the load limits before driving.

Total trailer weight

Do not exceed the maximum allowable weight of the trailer, cargo, and everything in or on it. Refer to the table on the following page for the maximum allowable trailer weight.


Exceeding the load limit or improperly loading your vehicle and trailer can cause a collision, resulting in serious injury or death.

Be sure to check the loading of your vehicle and trailer carefully before driving.

Trailer Towing
Towing a trailer requires experience. The combination of the vehicle and trailer itself is not as responsive as the vehicle by itself. Towing a trailer also requires additional equipment and a ...

Trailer weight
Check if the total load is within limits at a public scale. If a public scale is not available, add the estimated weight of your cargo load to the weight of your trailer (as specified by you ...

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