Hyundai Tucson: Child Restraint System (CRS) / Installing a Child Restraint System


Before installing your Child Restraint System, always read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the Child Restraint System and in this manual to prevent serious injury or death if a collision occurs.


If the vehicle head restraint prevents proper installation of a Child Restraint System, readjust or remove the head restraint for that seating position.

After selecting a proper Child Restraint System for your child and checking that the Child Restraint System fits properly in a rear seating position, there are three general steps for proper installation:


Check the seating surface and buckles before placing your child in the Child Restraint System to prevent burns. A Child Restraint System in a closed vehicle can become very hot.

Selecting a Child Restraint System
When selecting a Child Restraint System for your child, always: Make sure the Child Restraint System has a label certifying that it meets applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standar ...

Lower Anchors and Tether for Children (LATCH System)
The LATCH system connects a Child Restraint System to the vehicle during driving and in a collision. This system is designed to make installation of the Child Restraint System easier and reduc ...

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