Hyundai Tucson: Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA) / Intelligent Speed Limit Assist Operation

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist may warn and control your vehicle by "Displaying speed limit", "Warning overspeed" , and "Changing set speed".


Intelligent Speed Limit operation is described based on the offset adjusted to "0". For more information on setting the offset, refer to "Speed Limit Offset" in this section.

Displaying speed limit

Speed limit information appears on the instrument cluster.

Warning overspeed

When driving at a speed higher than the displayed speed limit, the speed limit appears in red.

Changing set speed

If the speed limit changes when using Manual Speed Limit Assist or Smart Cruise Control, an arrow in the direction of up or down appears to inform you to change the set speed by pushing the + or – switch.



Intelligent Speed Limit Assist Settings
Speed Limit With the ignition switch ON, go to User Settings > Driver Assistance > Speed limit (for cluster type) or Setup > Vehicle > Driver Assistance > Speed limit (for in ...

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist Malfunction and Limitations
Intelligent Speed Limit Assist malfunction When Intelligent Speed Limit Assist is not working properly, the "Check Speed Limit Assist System" warning message may appear, and the () warning ...

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