Hyundai Tucson: Driving Your Vehicle / Key Ignition Switch


To reduce the risk of serious injury or death:

A: Lock, B: ACC, C: ON, D: START

Whenever the front door is opened, the ignition switch illuminates if the ignition switch is not in the ON position. The light goes off immediately when the ignition switch is turned ON or goes off after about 30 seconds when the door is closed. (for vehicles equipped with ignition switch illumination)



Never use aftermarket keyhole covers. These covers may prevent the vehicle from recognizing the key and not allow the vehicle to start.

Before Driving
Before Entering the Vehicle Make sure all windows, outside mirror(s), and outside lights are clean and unobstructed. Remove frost, snow, or ice from both the front and rear windshield a ...

Key Ignition Switch Positions

Other information:

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