Hyundai Tucson: Lane Following Assist (LFA) / Lane Following Assist Operation

Turning Lane Following Assist On/ Off

With the ignition switch ON, press the Lane Driving Assist button on the steering wheel to turn on Lane Following Assist. The white or green indicator light illuminates on the instrument cluster.

Press the button again to turn off the function.


You can change the Warning Volume settings or select Driving Safety Priority for Lane Following Assist from the Settings menu. For more information, refer to the "Driver Assistance System Settings" section in this chapter.

Lane Following Assist

If both the lane markings and/or the vehicle ahead are detected and your vehicle speed is below 110 mph (180 km/h), Lane Following Assist helps center your vehicle in the lane by assisting with steering. The green indicator light illuminates on the instrument cluster.


When the steering wheel is not assisted, the green indicator light blinks and changes to white.

Hands-off warning

If you take your hands off the steering wheel for several seconds, the "Place hands on steering wheel" warning message may appear on the instrument cluster, and an audible warning sounds in successive stages.

First stage: Warning message

Second stage: Warning message (red steering wheel) and audible warning

If you do not have your hands on the steering wheel after the hands-off warning, the "Lane Following Assist (LFA) canceled" warning message may appear and Lane Following Assist is automatically canceled.


Always safely steer your vehicle and maintain the position of your vehicle in its lane.

To prevent serious injury or death:

Lane Following Assist (LFA)
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Lane Following Assist Malfunction and Limitations
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