Hyundai Tucson: Lane Keeping Asiist {LKA} / Lane Keeping Assist Operation

Turning Lane Keeping Assist On/Off

With the ignition switch ON, press and hold the Lane Driving Assist button located on the steering wheel to turn on and off. The white or green indicator light illuminates on the instrument cluster when the function is on.

Press and hold the button again to turn off the function.


Lane Departure Warning

If the vehicle detects it is departing from the projected lane ahead, the green indicator light and the lane line blink on the instrument cluster depending on which direction your vehicle is veering, and an audible warning sounds.

Lane Keeping Assist operates when your vehicle speed is about 40-120 mph (60-200 km/h).

Lane Keeping Assist

If your vehicle detects it is departing from the projected lane ahead, the green indicator light blinks on the instrument cluster, and the steering wheel makes adjustments to keep your vehicle inside its travel lane.

Hands-off warning

If you take your hands off the steering wheel for several seconds, the "Place hands on steering wheel" warning message may appear on the instrument cluster, and an audible warning may sound in successive stages.


Lane Keeping Assist may not operate in all situations and cannot avoid all collisions.

To prevent serious injury or death:


Lane Keeping Assist Settings
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Lane Keeping Assist Malfunction and Limitations
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