Hyundai Tucson: Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC) / Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control Operation

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control may be available when:


For more details on how to operate Smart Cruise Control, refer to the "Smart Cruise Control (SCC)" section in this chapter.

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control display

The following may appear on the instrument cluster:

If the operating conditions are met, the white indicator light illuminates.

If Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control is operating, the green indicator light illuminates.

If Highway Auto Speed Change operates, the indicator light and the set speed illuminate in green on the instrument cluster, and an audible warning sounds.


The "Drive carefully" warning message appears if Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control is not able to slow down your vehicle.


Highway Auto Curve Slowdown

Depending on the curve ahead on the highway, your vehicle decelerates, and after passing the curve, your vehicle accelerates to Smart Cruise Control's set speed.

Highway Auto Speed Change

Highway Auto Speed Change operates when Smart Cruise Control's set speed is the same as the highway speed limit.

While Highway Auto Speed Change is active and the highway speed limit changes, Smart Cruise Control's set speed automatically changes to the current speed limit.


Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control Settings
Highway Auto Speed Change With the ignition switch ON, go to Setup > Vehicle > Driver Assistance > Driving Convenience > Highway Auto Speed Change (for infotainment system type) ...

Limitations of Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control
Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control may not operate normally if: The navigation system is not working properly. Map information is not transmitted due to an issue with the infotainment ...

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