Hyundai Tucson: Smart Key / Opening or unlocking the liftgate. Remotely starting the vehicle

Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2023 Owner's Manual / Convenience Features / Accessing Your Vehicle / Smart Key / Opening or unlocking the liftgate. Remotely starting the vehicle

Opening or unlocking the liftgate

To open:

1. Make sure you have the smart key in your possession.

2. Press the liftgate open/close button on the vehicle or press and hold the Liftgate Open button 3 on the smart key for more than 1 second. The hazard warning lights blink twice and the liftgate is unlocked.

3. Pull up on the liftgate to open. If your vehicle is equipped with power liftgate, the liftgate is automatically opened.

Remotely starting the vehicle (if equipped)

To start the vehicle remotely:

1. Press the door lock button on the smart key. You must be within about 32 feet (10 m) from the vehicle.

2. Press and hold the Remote Start button 7 on your smart key. You must press the button within 4 seconds from when you have pressed the door lock button. The hazard warning lights blink and the engine starts.

3. To turn off the engine, press the Remote Start button 7 once.


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