Hyundai Tucson: How to Use the Digital Key (Smartphone Key) / Remotely controlling the vehicle

To use the remote control feature with your Android smartphone, Bluetooth must be turned on.

Remote control connection with digital key

1. Open the Hyundai Digital Key app on your smartphone and select your vehicle.

2. If your app allows, press the connect button and use the remote control functions.

Remote control operation with digital key

You can control several functions including door lock/unlock, panic on/off, remote start/remote stop, and liftgate opening.


You cannot lock your vehicle using the Hyundai Digital Key app if:

After 5 minutes, the remote control connection is canceled automatically.

Remote start with digital key

Using the Hyundai Digital Key app on your phone, press the Door Lock button and then press the Remote Start button (buttons must be pressed within about 4 seconds). If all the doors of your vehicle are closed (including the hood and the liftgate), the engine is automatically tarted.

When the remote start feature is activated, the hazard warning lights blink two times and a chime sounds before the engine starts. Also note the following:

For more information, refer to the “Button Start Ignition Switch” section in Chapter 6.


Vehicle information display

The Hyundai Digital Key app displays vehicle information such as driving or door conditions.

For more information, refer to the tutorial on your Hyundai Digital Key app.

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When User Changes Smartphone or Deletes Digital Key Application
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