Hyundai Tucson: Seats & Safety System / Seats

Front seat

1 Forward and rearward
2 Seatback angle
3 Seat cushion angle*
4 Seat height
5 Lumbar support (Driver’s seat)*
6 Seat warmer*
7 Air ventilation seat*
8 Head restraint

Rear seats

9 Seatback angle and folding
10 Head restraint
11 Armrest
12 Seat warmer*

Important Safety Precautions
You will find many safety precautions and recommendations throughout this section, and throughout this manual. The safety precautions in this section are among the most important. Always Wear ...

Safety Precautions
Adjusting the seats in a safe and comfortable position plays an important role for the safety of driver and passengers. Proper seating positions, secured seat belts, and protection from airb ...

Other information:

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