Hyundai Tucson: Power Liftgate / Setting the Power Liftgate

To use each feature, you must select the opening speed or opening height from the Settings menu. Deselect the settings when you do not want to use the feature.

Power liftgate opening speed

To adjust the power liftgate speed, select:

The default setting is Fast.

Power liftgate opening height

To adjust the power liftgate opening height, select:


User height setting

1. Position the liftgate manually to the height you prefer.

2. Press the power liftgate open/close button located inside the liftgate for more than 3 seconds.

If User Height Setting is selected for the power liftgate opening height, the power liftgate will automatically open to the height manually set by you.


Automatic Reversal
During power liftgate operation if the power liftgate senses any obstacle, the liftgate stops or fully opens. The automatic reverse feature may not operate properly, or it may operate unexpe ...

Resetting the Power Liftgate
To reset the Power Lifgate: 1. With the engine off or running, put the gear in P (Park). 2. Press the power liftgate open/close inner button A and outer button B simultaneously until a chime ...

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