Hyundai Tucson: Smart Cruise Control Malfunction and Limitations / Smart Cruise Control disabled

If the front radar is covered or blocked, its detecting performance is reduced, and Smart Cruise Control is temporarily limited or disabled.

The "Smart Cruise Control disabled. Radar blocked" warning message may appear on the instrument cluster.

If Smart Cruise Control does not operate normally after the sensor has been uncovered or unblocked, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


Smart Cruise Control Malfunction and Limitations
Smart Cruise Control malfunction When Smart Cruise Control is not working properly, the "Check Smart Cruise Control system" warning message may appear, and the warning light may illuminat ...

Limitations of Smart Cruise Control
Smart Cruise Control may not operate normally or may operate unexpectedly if: The sensor or the area near the sensor is blocked, covered, or damaged. The temperature near the front view ...

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