Hyundai Tucson: Supplemental Restraint System - Airbags / SRS Components

The SRS consists of the following components:

1 Driver's front airbag module
2 Passenger's front airbag module
3 Side airbag modules
4 Curtain airbag modules
5 Retractor pretensioner
6 Airbag warning light
7 SRS control module (SRSCM)/Rollover sensor
8 Front impact sensors
9 Side impact sensors
10 Side pressure sensors
11 Emergency fastening device system
12 Occupant classification system
13 Seat belt buckle sensor

Supplemental Restraint System - Airbags
1 Driver’s front airbag 2 Passenger’s front airbag 3 Side airbag 4 Curtain airbag Your vehicle is equipped with a Supplemental Airbag System for the driver’s seat and front passenge ...

Where are the Airbags?
Driver’s and passenger’s front airbags Driver’s front airbag Passenger’s front airbag The SRS consists of advanced airbags located in the center of the steering wheel and the pass ...

Other information:

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