Hyundai Tucson: Seats & Safety System / Supplemental Restraint System - Airbags

Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2023 Owner's Manual / Seats & Safety System / Supplemental Restraint System - Airbags

1 Driver’s front airbag
2 Passenger’s front airbag
3 Side airbag
4 Curtain airbag

Your vehicle is equipped with a Supplemental Airbag System for the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seats.

The front airbags are designed to supplement the three-point seat belts. For these airbags to provide protection, seat belts must be properly worn at all times when driving.

You can be severely injured or killed in an accident if you are not wearing a seat belt. Airbags are built into the vehicle as a supplementary system. They are not intended as a replacement for wearing 3-point seat belts. Also, airbags are not designed to deploy in every collision. In some accidents, the seat belts are the only restraint protecting you.



Securing a Child Restraint System seat with Tether Anchor system
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SRS Components
The SRS consists of the following components: 1 Driver's front airbag module 2 Passenger's front airbag module 3 Side airbag modules 4 Curtain airbag modules 5 Retractor pretensioner 6 ...

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