Hyundai Tucson: Manual Heating and Air Conditioning / Temperature control

Type A

Type B

The temperature setting increases when you toggle up or press the UP arrow on the touchscreen (if equipped).

The temperature setting decreases when you toggle down or press the DOWN arrow on the touchscreen (if equipped).

Adjusting the temperature equally

Press the SYNC button (indicator light ON) to adjust the driver and passenger side temperature equally.

Adjusting the temperature individually

Press the SYNC button (indicator light OFF) again to adjust the driver and passenger side temperature individually.

Temperature conversion

If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, the temperature mode display is reset to Fahrenheit.

To change the temperature unit from °C to °F or °F to °C:

- Setup > Unit > Temperature Unit > °F/°C (for cluster type)
- Setup > General Settings > Unit > Temperature Unit > °C/°F (for infotainment system type)

The temperature unit on both the cluster display and the climate control information screen is changed.


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