Hyundai Tucson: Emergency Situations / Towing

Towing Service

A : Dollies

If towing is necessary, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer or a commercial tow-truck service.

AWD vehicles must be towed with a wheel lift and dollies or flatbed with all the wheels off the ground.

2WD vehicles can be towed with the rear wheels on the ground (without dollies) and the front wheels off the ground. The use of wheel dollies or flatbed is recommended. If any of the loaded wheels or suspension components are damaged or the vehicle is towed with the front wheels on the ground, use a towing dolly under the front wheels.


To prevent damage when towing:

When towing your vehicle without wheel dollies:

1. Release the EPB before turning off the engine.
2. Place the ignition switch to the LOCK/ OFF position.
3. Change the gear to N (Neutral) while depressing the brake pedal.
4. Place the ignition switch to the ACC position.


Always shift the gear to N (Neutral) to prevent damage to the transmission before towing.

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