Hyundai Tucson: Hyundai Digital Key / Used Vehicle/Digital Key Maintenance

Purchasing used vehicle

Delete Digital Key Settings When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

If any digital key (smartphone key or card key) is already registered when you press the Push Button Start ignition switch, the message, “Digital key(s) active” appears on the instrument cluster once. If you sell your vehicle or purchase a used Hyundai vehicle equipped with the Digital Key feature, confirm the message and delete the registered smartphone key and card key. For more information, contact the Hyundai Customer Care Center. If the card key does not work properly, delete the card key, register the smartphone key, and re-register the card key.

Digital key maintenance

If you need to have your Digital Key System repaired or replaced, make sure your Smartphone Key is still active. You may have to pair your phone again using the Hyundai Digital Key app.

Personalized profile and vehicle settings
You can set the registered digital key profiles for Driver 1 and Driver 2. When you use the digital card key or the Hyundai Digital Key app, the vehicle can be set to the user-defined personal ...

Limitations of the System
Hyundai Digital Key app on the smartphone and card key may not work if: Hyundai Digital Key app is deleted. Account login information for Hyundai Digital Key app has expired. Logged in wi ...

Other information:

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